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Booster framework is the most complete solution to build event-driven applications that forms part of the Booster Cloud ecosystem. It's an open-source framework that makes use of high-level abstractions and conventions to help you develop advanced event-driven applications focusing on business logic exclusively.
Write your application in terms of commands, events, and entities and let Booster figure everything else out for you, from the boilerplate code or the API design, to the optimal cloud architecture. It even knows how to deploy your code in a true Serverless experience.

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Booster Principles

Booster takes a holistic and highly-opinionated approach at many levels

CQRS inspired architecture

Everything is event-sourced

Infrastructure inferred from code

Implicit GraphQL API generation

Booster makes developers' lives easier

Unleash development productivity writing less code and taking advantage of the Booster well-defined architecture and conventions.

Domain-Driven Design, write code that matches your organization.

Focus on your business logic, leave everything else to the framework.

Serverless-less, not worrying about servers is fine, not worrying about cloud configuration, is even better!

Effectively multi-cloud, deploy your app in minutes, to any supported public cloud provider, or even to a Kubernetes cluster, with no code changes.

GraphQL API, inferred from code, no need to define schemas or resolvers.

When to use Booster

Booster will fit like a glove in applications that are naturally event-driven like:

Real-time collaboration

Commerce applications

Business management applications

How's the developer experience?

Writing a Booster app is fast, and seamless. It provides all the tools you need,
and if it compiles, you can deploy it and instantly take advantage of the cloud scale!

Check out our 10m demo:

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Read about our journey, coming from the Serverless way of thinking and their challenges, and how Booster adds value on top to bring a completely new developer experience:

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Booster was shown for the first time at Serverless Conf '19 in New York. You can watch the talk again here:

What comes after Serverless?
By Javier Toledo and Nick Tchayka.
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