We are dreaming of a better future for software development. Our mission: An open-source project to disrupt the cloud industry and redefine developer experience, multiplying joy and productivity by 10.

The cloud has to be commoditized and we should bring the power back to developers. We want to stop vendor lock-in and offer total freedom to move your project from one service provider to another, anytime.

But that’s not enough, we need a total developer’s experience revolution. Booster Framework lets developers focus only on the code that really matters, on their ideas to solve real problems, and forget about spending hours connecting wires.

We’ve built the foundations and demonstrated that this new model of programming works. Now is the time to grow. If you want to be a part of a movement of crazy developers trying to redefine the future, you’ve come to the right place. We believe the journey will be worth it no matter what. Bold adventurers will be recognized as such.

Booster principles
  • Zero config infrastructure: We build the optimal infrastructure to run your code at scale for you. If it compiles, it can be deployed to your cloud provider of choice or Kubernetes, including the database instances, authentication mechanisms, and any other service required. It will work, no matter if you have one or one million users.
  • Convention over configuration: We bring the concept to the extreme, not only reducing configuration and integration work to a minimum but also introducing opinionated implementations of common patterns like, CQRS and Event Sourcing, eliminating most boilerplate code.
  • Everything inferred from code: We want to reach a new level of developer productivity, so we analyze your project’s code at compile time and generate a fully working real-time GraphQL API on the fly. You don’t even need to configure your database or make queries. Everything works out of the box.
  • Thanks to the native event-sourced architecture, building a microservices architecture becomes as easy as you can imagine. Events can be easily streamed to any standard message broker or database and read from other services.  If you have Booster applications on both ends it will feel like teleporting data from one service to another.
  • Anyone should be capable of extending the framework. That’s why we say that everything is a Rocket in Booster! Rockets are regular npm packages that can extend Booster in any way imaginable, from integrating new infrastructure to packing entire pieces of reusable functionality. They make Booster incredibly adaptable to any environment.
  • Everything is an event, and everything is stored by default. Storage is becoming cheaper and more efficient every day, and data is becoming the gold of this era. Keeping all the data forever allows you to find the root of errors or audit your software easily.  It will give you an incredible pool of raw data that you can reprocess later in new ways, or feed to machine learning processes to make predictions or new relations of data.

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